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Ramenskiy Grizli Luck Ayu


Import Russia




 22.08.2008  -  16.07.2021


Parents : Ilhan x Rus Grizli Beregynia


Teeth : correct bite


Dysplasia : HD 0/0, ED 0/0


Shows : 3 x CAC, 1 x BOB -Best of breed, club show Mochovce - V1, CAC /the best male open class/ - 15 male´s by ring



 G A L L E R Y


V I D E O ´S


 Ramenski Grizli Luck Ayu / UNKA / came to our family as a 2 years old dog. We own Unka together with CHS Medzal Ala.

 Unka is medium, compact dog with a strong skeleton and beautiful head that is her biggest advantage. Unka was tested for dysplasia and the conclusion was perfect. Unka has 0 dysplasia for elbow and coax too! Wonderful healthy joints are for us very important. With Unka we are attending many international and domestic shows too. From his shows success we can remember for on European dog show Celje /Slovenia/, or on club show in Slovakia where judge was V.Markov from Russia where was with Unka by ring 15 male´s.

 Father of Unka is Ilhan half-line AFI. It is fighting Turkmenian line from Aktash site. Ilhan is perfect compact male with very strong skeleton, big fascinating head and medium size. Ilhan is winner of many dog shows and champion of Russia.

ilhan Aktash__Unka__ancestor
Ilhan Aktash

 Mother of Unka is Rus Grizli Beregynia very famous from dog shows where she achieved wonderful accomplishment. She is a mother of successful dogs and winners of many dog shows. Beregynia is daughter of Altyn Kumli Burgut that is son of Bergut and grandson of legendary Akgus and mother of Altyn . Altyn is Turkmenian female that is mother of very important dogs for breeding for ex. Alar – known as a fighter and reproductor, Altyn Kumli – G litter – Ghurdza that is third times winner ACKA.

burgut_2 Beregnija-_mother_of_Ramenskij_Grizli_Lak_Aju

 I would like tell you something more about Unka ancestor AKGUS :

AKGUŠ - dog, known for his victories not only in a dog fights, but als o in the outdoor ring, especially in Donetsk. About this god was made a movie "Ochlamon". In this movie played a few well-known Turkmen dogs: his daughter Akbaj (owner Bolkunova F.), son Bergud (owner A. Nurjagdyjev), who played young Akguša, Babur (owner K. Kjarizov) and Bovser (owner Kjarizov ).

Akguš r.1985 was born in the CACE as a son of Cakana white with black markings (owner Kurbanov) and Gojunči (owner Muchammedov), also a mother of Cakana. Father of Cakana, his name is not known, came with herds tedžens turf. After some time he lived in Caci was exported to Akguš Kaachky and then to Ashkhabad, where at the age of two and a half years to get A. Nurjagdyjevovi, who gave him this name during his birth - Akbaj. He attended a lot of matches, three times become the champion of Turkmenistan. During his fighting career he didnt lost any match.

He was of medium height, about 74 to 75 cm at the withers, powerful, white, very noble, beautifully muscled, very bulky head with a smooth transition from forehead to muzzle, but with a slightly pronounced superciliary arch. He was rather short, very large muzzle, close to narrowing the nose (39 cm below the eyes, nose around 356 cm). He had a short neck pendant with a characteristic skin. Beautifully built and muscular body slightly spoiled little short, narrow ass and the associated position of the hind legs. Wrist circumference was about 15 cm.
He was "intelligent" dogs, virtuoso technique dominated the fight, thus defeating larger and heavier opponents. Due to its resilience and ability to rapidly collect, you can afford the start of the match to lead the fight is not very active, but wait until the opponent gets tired and then passed into a strong counterattack. In doing so, absolutely not aggressive to small dogs and even treating them somewhat disdainfully.

algush TURK_CH_Akgush_ow_Nuryagdyev_Unka

 Ancestor of Unka is very popular dog named Kelbars / brother of Kabur - owner Chabibulin /. Parents of Kelbars are Dzheihun and Lotty that has originally Turkmenian blood.






hirs Hirs_iz_Sibirskou_Legendy

Hirs iz Sibirskoy Legendy



Nuker (Chingiz,Lipuhin son of  Belka,imp.Turkmenia )


Afi Lana (Afi Abdula x )


Bektash Ali



Rus Grizli Beregniya


altyn_kumly_burgut Altyn_Kumly_Burgut

Altyn Kumly Burgut



Bergut  (Akgush x Kara Gez Akgush x Karakulpok)



Altyn  (Azdar x Akbay )







Dzheihun x Lotty(Gaplan x Ajura)      

Turkmenian blood